Terms of delivery and delivery information

1. Delivery time and scope of delivery

1.1 General
We reserve the right to make partial or replacement deliveries in the event of production-related delays. Entitlement to compensation for damage caused by delay shall exist only in the event of gross negligence or intent. The delivery times we have specified in writing below are subject to timely delivery by our suppliers. We shall not be liable for delays in delivery and performance due to force majeure. Force majeure shall exist in particular in the case of natural disasters or industrial dispute in supplier companies.

1.2 Delivery time for “same day” shipping method

Products in stock will be shipped the same day if the order is received by MPG&E as follows:

  • Orders by telephone or via online shop: Monday to Friday by 3:30 p.m. at the latest
  • Orders by fax: Monday to Friday until 2:30 p.m. at the latest

1.3 Delivery time for prescription and customized contact lenses

Prescription and customized contact lenses have a production and delivery time of up to 14 working days (the receipt of goods from the manufacturer at MPG&E Handel und Service GmbH applies).

1.4 Delivery time for standard deliveries

Standard deliveries are shipped via DHL. The delivery time is usually four to five business days.

2. Terms of delivery

To ensure the health of contact lens wearers and the correct fitting and care of our products, we supply our contact lenses and contact lens care products only to verifiably trained contact lens fitters. We expect the contact lens fitter to observe the German Contact Lens Specialists Association (VDCO - Vereinigung Deutscher Contactlinsen-Spezialisten und Optometristen e.V.) code of honor or rules of an equivalent association and practices according to the rules of the profession. We also expect that he or she has the technical facilities to fit our products professionally in order to provide the end user with the appropriate support. We reserve the right to verify that this is the case. These general terms and conditions also require the end user to go for regular checkups. The contact lens fitter undertakes to carry out a regular examination/checkup of the end user’s eye/cornea and contact lenses. The contact lens fitter may resell our contact lenses and contact lens care products only to end users or other verifiably trained contact lens fitters. The above should be verified before our lenses are sold. Delivery or reselling of our contact lenses and contact lens care products is otherwise expressly prohibited. An immediately payable and legally incontestable fine of € 2,000.00 shall become due in the event of infringements. We reserve the right, in addition to demanding compliance with the general terms and conditions, to also claim damages and/or to stop deliveries immediately.

3. Shipping and shipping terms

The risk and costs for delivery, shipment or provision of the goods shall be borne by the buyer. The risk of accidental loss or deterioration of the goods shall pass to the buyer once the goods are transferred to the transport company.

3.1 Delivery by mail

We deliver by mail only if this is expressly requested by the customer. MPG&E Handel und Service GmbH assumes no liability for loss in transit for this type of shipment.

3.2 Package acceptance

Package recipients are protected against liability for damages they have not caused if they inspect the delivered goods at the time of acceptance. The following must be observed in doing so:

  • Pallet wrapping or cardboard boxes must be undamaged upon delivery.
  • The number of shipped items must be checked against the delivery note.
  • The recipient must immediately report any recognizable damage to pallet wrapping or cardboard boxes/packages in writing on the delivery note upon receipt of the delivery.
  • Both direct (externally visible) and concealed transport damage must be reported to MPG&E Handel und Service GmbH within seven days by email to export@mpge.com. We also need meaningful photos of the defective damaged outer packaging as well as the damaged goods and stating the delivery note number.
  • Damaged transport packaging must be returned to MPG&E Handel und Service GmbH. A return form for this purpose is enclosed with all shipments. If you need an additional return form, you can download it at www.mpge.de/formulare. Alternatively, our customer service will also be happy to send you a return form by e-mail.

4. Return of goods

4.1 General
We shall repair the objectionable product or exchange it for a new one if the complaint is justified and accepted by us.
The following points must be observed to help us process returns quickly:

  • Check goods for damage upon receipt (see also 6.2, Package acceptance).
  • Use the delivery note to identify incorrect deliveries, incorrect quantities etc., and call MPG&E Customer Service via the service hotline +49 (0) 4322 750 500 to arrange for the goods to be collected.
  • Returned items must be left in their original packaging.
  • Collection: Please always use the enclosed return
    form. You can download a returns form at www.mpge.de/formulare. The shipping address for returned goods is:

MPG&E Handel und Service GmbH
Moorweg 105
24582 Bordesholm, Germany

4.2 Packaging of returns

All products returned to MPG&E should be in undamaged condition in order to ensure smooth processing of returns. Please note the following information for this purpose:

  • Please always cushion your goods well to prevent any transport damage inside the package.
  • When sending mixed shipments, always ensure that care product bottles and product cartons are well sorted, to prevent cartons from being crushed by care product bottles.
  • For returning letters please use only tear-resistant envelopes.
  • Please clean hard contact lenses before returning them and return them in a dry state and in their original container.
  • Please seal the original containers of individual soft contact lenses using the adhesive seals supplied with delivery.
  • Please ship products in boxes only in cartons to prevent damage during transport
  • Please insure your returns. MPG&E accepts no liability for returns lost in transit.

4.3 Return or credit note for MPG&E products with exchange option

  • Daily replacement and monthly replacement contact lenses: since 2016 we have provided a 12-month exchange guarantee!
  • This means that undamaged brand replacement contact lenses (originally sealed, not damaged, labeled or glued) can be exchanged free of charge for other products in the MPG&E range. The goods must be of at least the same value.
  • Prescription lenses and customized contact lenses in the original container can be returned for credit within three months (exception: customized contact lenses with a recommended wearing time of three months – e.g., contact lenses from the ECCO soft 4 seasons product family). Exchange and return fees are calculated according to the current price list.
  • Private label contact lenses and contact lens care products: no exchange or return option.

4.4 Damage caused by improper handling

The terms and conditions for returning and crediting MPG&E products with an exchange option do not apply to damage caused by improper handling or use of the products. The same applies to defects that only slightly affect the function or value of the product. Wear and tear, transport damage, or modifications to delivered products not carried out by MPG&E are also excluded from an exchange option or credit note.

Contact lenses that are not maintained using the care products recommended / prescribed by MPG&E Handel und Service GmbH and that are not handled according to specifications are also excluded from an exchange option or credit note.

5. Cancellations

5.1 Online orders
As orders via MPG&E’s online shop and digital orders in Spectaris XML format cannot be cancelled, please check your orders before placing and sending them off.

5.2 Customized contact lenses

Orders for customized contact lenses can be cancelled within 24 hours of MPG&E receiving your order. This does not apply to orders the customer has classified as “urgent”: these can be cancelled only within six hours of MPG&E receiving the respective order.