MPG&E wants to be the preferred partner of all contact lens specialists

For the last 20 years, MPG&E has provided contact lens specialists across Germany with the most attractive solutions, including contact lenses, contact lens care, and all related services. Always in line with the individual needs of our customers and partners, always reliable, transparent, fair, and cooperative. With the common goal of ensuring the best adjustment of contact lenses for improved visibility. MPG&E now wants to offer this successful service to international customers with an exclusively selected portfolio.


Exclusive distribution partner for Omisan (Italy) contact lens care products in Germany

Exclusive distribution partner for Safilens (Italy) contact lenses and care products in Germany


Concentration on myopia management


Launch of sponsoring partnership with Deutsche Sporthilfe (German foundation that provides athlete support) under our own brand name “Team für Deutschland” (Team for Germany)


Further expansion of logistics capacity to 2,000 m²


Exclusive distribution partner for Avizor (Spain) contact lens care products in Germany


Market launch of “natural fit” – customized rigid contact lens based on topographic data


Construction of a new building to expand logistics capacity, and full renovation of the administration building


Launch of the private label concept for disposable contact lenses and care products

2002 - 2003

Introduction of the first orthokeratology contact lens “DreamLens”

Expansion of Eyelite, the software for DreamLens, to provide support for fitting all kinds of contact lenses

2000 - 2002

Founding of MPG&E with 20 employees in Bordesholm
Creation of the ECCO brand
Acquisition of the tradition-steeped company Müller-Welt Contactlinsenvertriebs GmbH, Stuttgart