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ECCO soft & change One Step Platin+

3% peroxide solution with platinum catalyst for the care of soft contact lenses, especially silicone hydrogel contact lenses.


3% peroxide solution; phosphate buffer, sodium chloride; surface-active substances.


Preservative-free peroxide system with platinum catalyst.

Product characteristic

The 3% peroxide solution ECCO soft & change one step Platin+ very effectively disinfects both contact lenses and container. The platinum catalyst located at the bottom of the special contact lens container neutralizes the peroxide within six hours, allowing the user to insert the contact lenses from a preservative-free solution after this storage time. To improve the system’s cleaning performance, the ECCO soft & change one step Platin+ contains surface-active substances that do a better job of removing any contaminants from the contact lens. The contact lens care is delivered in a high-quality transparent package that includes the 360 ml bottles and the special container with the platinum catalyst.


Traditional round bottle


100 ml
360 ml