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ECCO soft & change All-in-One+

All in one solution for the complete maintenance of any kind of soft contact lenses. Disinfects, Stores, Cleanses, Lubricates, Rinses, Removes proteic deposits and Moisturizes any kind of soft contact lens.


Hyaluronic Acid, HPMC, PVP, disodium edetate, isotonic buffered solution pH 7.2.


All-in-one+ for better wetting of contact lens and eye as well as for stress-free contact lens wear thanks to soothing allantoin. ECCO soft & change Enzyme is recommended as a supplement to ensure intensive cleansing for contact lens replacement periods of longer than one month.

Product characteristic

The patented care solution puts the priority on eye protection and moistening even when it comes to contact lens care. Hyaluronate is the humectant and wetting agent most commonly used in ophthalmology and optometry. As shown by dermatological studies, the purely herbal active ingredient allantoin has a soothing effect on epithelial irritations while encouraging epithelium regeneration. Bio-Polydol 2 optimizes its preservative properties, making it exceptionally bio-compatible. With its balanced combination of active ingredients to protect and wet the eye and contact lens, ECCO All-in-one+ is a unique and outstanding all-in-one care innovation.


Traditional round bottle


100 ml
360 ml
2 x 360 ml as jumbo-pack