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ECCO soft & change All-in-One

Isotonic buffer solution for cleaning, disinfecting, storing, rinsing, and protein-removal of all soft contact lenses. Its long shelf-life makes it especially suitable for occasional wearing and replacement systems.


0.15% HPMC; 0.01% EDTA; 0.00015% PHMB; cleansing substances.


All-in-one solution with outstanding compatibility. In particular for contact lens replacement periods of longer than one month, ECCO soft & change Enzyme with its excellent protein-, lipid- and mucin-removal properties is recommended as a supplement to ECCO soft & change All-in-One to ensure intensive cleansing.

Product characteristic

ECCO soft & change All-in-One offers a particularly eye-friendly active ingredient composition with superior cytotoxicity test results. The solution also safely and reliably kills off microorganisms for the problem-free care of soft contact lenses.


Traditional round bottle


100 ml
360 ml
2 x 360 ml as jumbo-pack